Who is CyFy Soul?

The Story

Cy Fy Soul is an Idea in Music, the kernel of creativity. One who loves to be artistic at a moments notice; Like the Science fiction genre in writing coming up with ideas while sticking to its foundations of a story. Back in the late 80’s while being inundated with Jazz and Soul, Hip Hop burst on to the scene and while in its growth began to single out the instruments and what we know as samples. After studying the genre formed a label in 1990 called S.E.F.P (Smile -E-Fresh Productions) Therefore¬† creating a crew called S.T.C (1991-1993) comprised of 5 Members and was the founder and producer that has now become a two man team forming a producer team of Abstract Ark (2020) , with former S.T.C member DJ Mosh Wah, From this point on It will now be from the depths of space comes Cy Fy Soul with the mission of ushering in the return of Hip Hop beats made the traditional way!

My Mission

To return Music and Art to its original form of the creative aspects and while uplifting positivity cause You know we are in dire need of it.