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Get Your Copy Abstract Ark the Beat tape, REBUILD (2020) after the reunion of Mosh Wah and Cy Fy Soul after two decades of continuing to create behind the scenes since our days in the 90s a blend of gritty boom bap and smooth jazzy stylings. last copies available at $19.99

The Follow up to REBUILD, comes Inside the Ark  part 1 EP Release under the producer Duo Abstract Ark Mosh Wah and Cy Fy once again hit You with some more tracks that are sure to resonate with You Music choices once more a great blend of Street Savy and Science fiction only $15.00 reach out to request a copy 

Available on Youtube, You can listen to the first edition of My Debut solo release, Yet the Physical Copies are soon to come let me know and will give You the coming updates.

The Second edition will include alternate tracks.

Thank You For Your Patience.

More to Come…in this format

Stay tuned.